Dem Woman's Heartbreaking Call to C-Span About Riots Explains Why Trump Is Going to Win

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A protester runs past burning cars and buildings on Chicago Avenue, Saturday, May 30, 2020, in St. Paul, Minn. Protests continued following the death of George Floyd, who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers on Memorial Day. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The Republican convention is being covered by C-Span just as the Democratic convention was.

C-Span had people calling in to talk about the convention. We covered one of those calls last night from a man who said he was a lifelong Democrat but would now be voting for Trump.

But there was another call that just says everything for the millions of Americans watching the insane anarchy that has been going on in cities around the country.

The woman caller was from Minnesota not far from where there had been rioting. It was clear that she felt abandoned by her own party when looking at the Democratic convention which embraced the BLM spoke persistently about the “peaceful protesters” and didn’t speak to any of the concerns she had about safety or recovering the economy after the disaster in her area from both the pandemic and the riots.

It wasn’t until she heard the Republican convention that she began to feel that there might be hope that someone would care about their concerns.


“Not a mention” about the riots, the woman said, at the Democratic convention, nothing about “rebuilding our businesses.” The Republican convention “has awakened me,” she said emotionally, “that there is hope, that there are people, willing to fight for us people, in our communities.” The reporter asked her if she was frightened, to which she replied, “Absolutely!”

Here’s a little bit of the story she was referencing at the end about the Democratic politician, John Thompson who went to a Hugo, MN suburb with a BLM crowd and threatened the neighborhood because a police official lived there.

Warning for language.


The woman who called into C-Span not only sees Democrats not speaking up but actually being involved with this kind of behavior. Meanwhile the Republican convention addressed the question and said the madness should be stopped and they would work to stop it. They also talked about bringing businesses back and building the economy as well. This woman is a Democrat but it’s pretty clear that she wouldn’t be voting for a Democrat come this November.

This is what millions of Americans are seeing and this has many moving to vote for the president even people who say they never could have conceived of voting for him, who maybe hated him six months ago, because they see he gets the problem, while Democrats are insane, embracing it and still calling it “peaceful protest.”

But they helped start this nonsense, stoking it when it started and suggesting it was justified. But they can’t run away from the disaster they contributed to.


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