BLM Burns Down Mostly Black Neighborhood in Kenosha, Including Businesses and People's Homes

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BLM riots

As we previously reported here , many Kenosha businesses were set ablaze last night.

While the National Guard was deployed, there were only about 125 of them and they were delegated to protect the courthouse and first responders, not to act as police. The police were just completely overwhelmed by the thousands of rioters.


The rioters were just out of control, trying to cause as much damage as they possibly could. It wasn’t even about attacking cops, like they did the night before. It was just about destruction.

But the rioters who claimed that they care about black lives?

They burnt down much of area that was largely black-owned businesses, according to Reuters.

She seems really upset, doesn’t she?

They didn’t just restrict themselves to destroying businesses, though.

They also set fire to apartment buildings. With people and families inside, according to reports. You can hear a woman and a man who blasting the rioters for what they were doing, asking essentially how could this be about black lives with what you are doing.


Hoping that everyone got out alright, but how evil is it to endanger people so?

CJ Halliburton, who is a live-streamer and helped save a church the night before, made it a point to try to warn the people whose homes were in danger. That’s what it means not just to be a journalist, but to be a human being. He’s fast becoming a hero there. He also saved an American flag and animals.

The only businesses that survived? The few that had armed citizens protecting them with rifles.


While they almost got a church the night before, on Monday night they did burn down a storefront church.

There was one video that most typified how crazy the destruction was. They were attacking lamp posts. Why? Because they want to throw the world into more darkness? What an apropos metaphor for the radical left, especially after they went after libraries, schools and even a dinosaur at a museum the night before.


It didn’t end well for this one rioter who reportedly had part of light fall on him, seriously injuring him.

But actually there’s a real reason to this kind of destruction and it was clear the street lights were purposely targeted with the effort to take them out. They want to bankrupt the cities they do this to, so they have to cut back on police and services, thus contributing to even more chaos, thus helping their cause.

So how does any of this help black lives?

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