There May Be Another Person who Biden Plagiarized His DNC Speech From as This Hilarious Video Shows

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention, Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020, at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

On Friday, we reported on how Joe Biden was accused of plagiarizing from a famous Canadian leftist politician during his DNC acceptance speech.

He used words which some found very close to the words of Jack Layton before he died. Biden was being called out on it by Canadians who recognized the words.

But now, some are pointing out there’s another person who Biden may have plagiarized from, that is himself. Check out this hilarious video that compares Biden’s 2008 acceptance of the vice presidential nomination speech to his 2020 DNC acceptance speech, from Michael Moore @mbracemoore.

Can you plagiarize from yourself? Strangely enough, yes. Because what you’re doing is presenting it as an original effort by yourself, purposed for this time and place. That’s a deception when it’s a rehash of the old speech that you previously gave.

Now one might argue that you would have common themes in a speech if they are your ideas certainly and repeat common thoughts. But it’s surely looks like that he cobbled together parts of his 2008 speech into his 2020 speech. Maybe that’s why he was able to deliver it, reading from the teleprompter. Because he’d essentially delivered it before. He even looks like he wore the same tie.


But what struck me and I think many others about the 2008 speech and him echoing it in his 2020 speech is how little he’s actually done to achieve anything he talked about in those interim years. The 2008 speech even included the “$2500” reduction in health costs per family Obama lie and a lie I didn’t even remember that he was going to “cut taxes for 95% of the people” which of course never happened. It was Trump who cut taxes for 80% of Americans. In his 2020 speech he did add a difference – the lie about the debunked Russian bounty story.

Biden has had 47 years in government and what has he actually done? How has he achieved any of the things he touched upon? So why would anyone elect him now when he had the House and the Senate and didn’t achieve any of them? The two speeches together lay bare how empty those words really are.

As we previously reported, Biden had to drop out of his fun for the 1988 presidential nomination because he plagiarized from Irish politician Neil Kinnock and lying about his academic record.

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