Seattle BLM Harass and Threaten Press, Try to Get into King County Jail

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BLM in Seattle

Seattle local press was talking on social media in the last day about what they’ve had to put up with covering the BLM radical leftists. It’s not just the police and the citizens who have faced harassment from the crazies.


Now while national media has fallen down on the job, local Seattle media does have some good folks who have tried to cover what’s going on accurately.

The local press took some great video which show just how unhinged some of these folks are including threatening the press.

The radicals were disturbed that one of their members had been arrested, so they converged on the King County jail and tried to get in. They also didn’t want the press to take their pictures.

Warning for language in all the videos.


This is what it looked like after the radicals were blocked from getting in and what they left.

Mentally unhinged and racist:

She looks well:

Thinking God isn’t really behind people attacking and threatening people, not to mention all the lovely language.

But here’s where the incident really got out of control with KIRO reporter Jon Jussero. They threatened him and surrounded his car. They wouldn’t let him out, according to him, and covered part of his car with their clothes so he couldn’t film them. You can hear one of them here threaten that he will “come to [the reporter’s] house” and “Don’t make me break this window.”


Eric Jensen of KOMO News chimed in and said they had faced the same harassment.

Brandi Kruse, who has been doing great coverage for Q13 Fox, called out the city for failing to protect the press and basically protecting the ‘protesters’ who harass people.

But Democratic politicians refuse to do anything to protect the people and to stop all this.

The national Democrats have endorsed these folks.

What did the Democrats say about these people last night? Barack Obama called them “peaceful protesters.” These were the words of Barack Obama from his speech:


β€œTo the young people who led us this summer… in so many ways, you are this country’s dreams fulfilled. You can give our democracy new meaning… You’re the missing ingredient– the ones who will decide whether or not America becomes the country that fully lives up to its creed.”

These folks are the missing ingredient? Do we really want the recipe Democrats are endorsing?


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