Trump Busts Democrats With So Much Truth, MSNBC Cuts Away, and Dems Double Down on the Crazy at the Convention

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President Donald Trump listens during an event called “Kids First: Getting America’s Children Safely Back to School” in the State Dining room of the White House, Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Gotta say: Democrats and their compliant media allies just seem to be phoning it in today as the Democratic National Convention starts as a virtual exercise.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is actually in Wisconsin, that place that Democrats seem to have real difficulty getting to and wouldn’t win without.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd announced that Trump was counter-programming with campaigning while the Democrats were holding their virtual convention. But listen to how he handles it, without even a semblance of being fair or giving any time to what Trump is actually saying or covering the minority business owners who had good things to say about Trump.

Of course, while they skip over Trump (who’s actually live) and the other live speakers with him, because “political,” MSNBC will have no trouble tonight covering the “highly political” pre-recorded virtual speeches of the Democrats at great length.

Here’s another reason that Chuck skipped over Trump’s speech. Because it hit just a little too close to the truth.


Trump chastised what Democrats had done to cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York.

“If left-wing Democrats can’t run a city, why on earth would you let them run your country?” the President asked.

No truer words ever were spoken. We can see the chaos that’s happened in those cities in the last few months and the reaction of the Democrats has been a complete failure in every case.

Those folks, even Democrats in those affected liberal cities under siege, are feeling exactly what Trump is talking about. The people who have had their home threatened in Seattle, the people whose businesses in Portland and Minneapolis have been destroyed. That’s what Todd doesn’t want to show, because he knows it will hit home.

Meanwhile, Democrats endorsed the chaos in their initial speeches.

Here’s Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) speaking positively about the “rising up.” She had previously spoken about targeting GOP officials with “unrest.”

If we don’t throw open the borders, we may all be going to hell because of Jesus and the Statue of Liberty.


Oh, look, they straight out go full-on radical, talking about destroying “capitalism,” the system that has freed the most people in history.

“Liberation for our communities.” Who is not free under the law? Answer: no one, everyone is free under the law. That rule of law is one of the great levelers and attractants of our nation — that, indeed, anyone can come here from anywhere and be anything through the dint of their own work, skill, and/or luck. We need to keep saying that, again and again, because Democrats are selling a bill of goods to the contrary that is just patently false.

So we have the America that supports the safety and prosperity of all, supports the rule of law vs. what the Democrats endorse: uprisings, destruction of capitalism, and open borders.

Is the choice not patently clear?



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