Chicago Rioter May Win Award for Dumbest Looter Action

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
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A door to the Block 37 retail building is shattered Monday, Aug. 10, 2020, after vandals struck overnight in Chicago’s famed Loop. Chicago’s police commissioner says more than 100 people were arrested following a night of looting and unrest that left several officers injured and caused damage in the city’s upscale Magnificent Mile shopping district and other parts of the city. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Now, no one every said that leftist rioters were smart. If they were, they wouldn’t be leftist rioters.

But let’s just say a rioter takes it to another level of unwise when he actually livestreams himself while in the process of committing the crime, and smiles full face into the camera while doing it. And not just any crime, like graffiti or some disorderly person’s thing, a nice hefty little felony, trying to break into an ATM during the massive rioting and looting in Chicago last week.

20 year old Aaron Neal is accused of being the braintrust behind the livestream video, according to the police.

Warning for language.

Police saw the livestream and released it, asking people to ID the people in it and people id’d Neal within 90 minutes, according to CWB Chicago.

CWB mocked him but good.


Sad face!

“I apologize,” Neal said as Navarro summarized the allegations against him.

Neal turned himself in after police contacted his grandmother. He allegedly admitted to hammering on the cash machine and making the Facebook Live video. The ATM is a total loss and will cost $2,315 to replace, according to prosecutors.

Guessing he may just have learned a lesson about trying to film yourself committing a crime for clout. Clout doesn’t mean anything stacked up against a felony charge and some time in the pokey.

Neal was charged with felony burglary and felony criminal damage to property.

According to authorities, they have charged 42 felonies so far in relation to the riots and looting last weekend.

Police haven’t arrested the other guys yet, but expect that to come next.



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