Chicago BLM Activists Try to Show Off Their Tactics to the Police, It Doesn't End Well

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BLM was back at it in Chicago on Saturday.

But the Chicago police were ready for them and they weren’t liking it at all.

The Chicago police had resolved that they weren’t going to let the massive looting that happened the prior weekend. So once again they lifted the bridges to prevent people from getting into the downtown and they employed tactics to break up the groups.


But what was pretty interesting with the Chicago ‘protest’ was that the Chicago police have video breaking down the tactics that the ‘protesters’ employed.

We saw tactics before by the Chicago radicals when the BLM/Antifa group attacked cops over the Columbus statue. Protesters slipping behind umbrellas and changing into Antifa gear and then distributing bricks/objects to ‘protesters’ to attack the cops with.

Video released by the police show the tactics they employed on Saturday. They start putting on ponchos and masks to protect against the anticipated pepper spray the cops will use when they attack the police. They’re using umbrellas to cover their actions, moving forward en masse with locked arms trying to break the police line and then attacking the cops with the umbrellas and with at least one skateboard.


This should put paid to the myth of the ‘peaceful protester’ with just random folks getting out of control. These are organized tactics to break the police line and hurt the cops. Everyone involved is liable for their actions.

You can see another angle with a street view video of here.

You can see the police later catch up to some of those same people that were in that group there, including the guy in the red shirt with the unique hair and another guy in the green poncho. The leftists bemoan that the police are being mean to the poor teenagers.

That’s what they do, people attack cops. Then the group focuses on and screams about the police reaction and begs for sympathy. The BLM leader officially endorsed looting, so forgive everyone if they don’t take you very seriously with this whine.


Here they are just whining about the cops daring to kettle them in.

Twenty four were arrested, four for felonies. 17 officers were injured in the violence.

Thinking their tactics really didn’t help them much here. They might want to go back to the rulebook and look up the concept of actually not attacking cops.


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