The Democrats Have Completely Lost Their Minds With The Latest Trump Hoax They're Pushing

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FILE – In this Feb. 7, 2013 file photo, U.S. Postal Service letter carrier Michael McDonald gathers mail to load into his truck before making his delivery run in the East Atlanta neighborhood, in Atlanta. After weeks of railing against online shopping giant Amazon, President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday, April 12, 2018, creating a task force to study the United States Postal System. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Now following crazy conspiracy theories isn’t an exclusive purview of the left.

But with media and Democrats pushing the Russia hoax for the past four years it seems like that has pushed many on the left into true bizarro land when it comes to the nonsense they will believe.

The latest hoax being pushed is that President Donald Trump is now somehow trying to sabotage the US Postal Service because he’s trying to steal the election.

Now in classic projection, what’s actually happening here is that the Democrats have been holding up virus relief for Americans trying to get more money for the USPS and universal mail-in voting, a nightmare in the making for the security of the election and guaranteeing that people’s vote will be counted.

But the “spin” on that is that Trump wants to “defund” the post office to prevent votes from getting to the election board. This is nonsense as they already obviously have their funding for the year already, it isn’t even logical. But that isn’t preventing Democrats from falling for this and resulting in some truly nutty tweets from evidence of the “conspiracy.”

First we give you this one from actress Jamie Lee Curtis.


Trump is going to steal the election, one broken down mail truck at a time. Yikes, how can someone actually believe things like this?

We have another insane one for you from one of the Democrats in everything but name only at the Lincoln Project.

Hide what? Normal routine actions of the USPS to adjust for mail volume? The article he cites even explains that. But far be it from him to mention that as he pushes this day’s hoax.

No explanation? Except the one in the story itself. That they’re all ignoring in the rush to the hoax.

Bottom line? They’re trying to shove through universal mail-in voting using this hoax to scare Americans.

Chairman of the House Democratic caucus:


But the elections are controlled by the states, this move would be something of an end-run takeover/huge insertion involving the federal government if they were able to achieve this.

Democrats are also not clarifying the problems with mail-in versus absentee ballots.

There’s a huge difference, as Townhall explains.

Although specific requirements vary by state, absentee ballots are limited in use, requested by a voter providing a specific address, and contain a signature as an affidavit on the ballot envelope. Voter identity is then verified by an election official through signature comparisons using a state database, notary or witness confirmation, or inclusion of photo ID.

“Automatic” or “universal” mail-only voting schemes currently proposed by Democrats are entirely different and completely insecure. Ballots are not requested, but sent to an address without confirming that the recipient is still there, or even still alive. Millions of unverifiable ballots could potentially fall into the wrong hands. This is particularly problematic in residential centers with high turnover rates like senior residences and apartment complexes.

Not all incorrect applications or ballots will fall into the hands of the honest. They could be used illegally through misunderstanding by incorrect recipients, present vote fraud opportunities for ballot harvesting activists, or send confused and ineligible non-citizens to the polls just because a ballot appeared on their doorsteps.


Not to mention the possibility of receiving it late through the Post Office and have it returned late, as happened in New York in their primary and being thus disenfranchised.

In Nevada, over 223,000 ballots were reported “undeliverable” in its June primary.

An analysis of this year’s primaries by National Public Radio shows at least 65,000 uncounted mail-in votes in 17 states. Many states, including California, Ohio and New York, still have massive mailed ballot problems from their primaries.

If they got this through not only would it overload the Post Office, but we might not even know who won until Inauguration Day, if the June primary results are any indication. Imagine what a mess would ensue.

We need to fight this insanity. If you can go to a grocery store, nothing prevents you from going to the polls and if you don’t want to, absentee ballot.


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