After Massive Back the Blue Rally and Rioting Again Last Night, Seattle Faces Defund Vote

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Seattle Starbucks damaged.

On Sunday, there was a huge Back the Blue rally in support of the police in Seattle. The silent majority was finally standing up and being counted, with thousands coming out to defend not defund the SPD ahead of a vote anticipated today on defunding.


While thousands came out to support the police, there was a small Antifa counter-protest. They tried to cause trouble, assaulting a couple of people including a street preacher, a photographer and an older woman who tried to rescue the flag from being burnt.

The power of the actual responsible residents had to give the council something to think about prior to their vote today.

They also had something else to think about. Because in the evening, the riot crew was out again, smashing things again across Seattle. It makes the choice very simple: are you for this insanity or are you for the rule of law and supporting the police? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what side most of the population are going to be on, even the liberals, if they have to live there.


Who really wants to have to keep dealing with this? And what happens when you defund the police by 50%? You go quickly to hell in a hand basket and this time becomes like a peaceful time in your mind by comparison.

Sounds like the supporters of the police may already be having an effect. They just voted to rescind the majority of the cut to the police chief’s salary, basically going back on a 40 % cut to her salary that they voted last week. That was not a good look in the middle of all this.


But they haven’t even consulted with Chief Carmen Best, which says they don’t really care about how this might impact the policing in the city. Because if they did, they’d want to know what she thought or her recommendations. So it’s pretty clear, it’s all been political.

How cutting actually makes the police better is something that none of these people or the BLM have been able to effect lively explain.

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything about the defund vote.


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