BLM Protester Allegedly Tried to Cut Brake Line on NYPD Van, Wanted to Blow Up NYC Landmark

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On July 22, the NYPD broke up “Occupy City Hall,” a ragged encampment in the park across from the city hall of BLM defund the police protesters and homeless people.


One of the reasons they broke up the occupation which had gone on for weeks was because of all the crime that was coming out of it.

‘Protesters’ from the encampment were allegedly involved with attacking high-ranking NYPD officers on the Brooklyn Bridge which was nearby during a unity march by community leaders and police.

But another alleged crime hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves from the national media.

On Wednesday, Jeremy Trapp was taken into custody by the FBI.

From NY Post:

A cop-hating protester was busted by the FBI on Wednesday for attempting to cut the brake line on an NYPD van, officials said.

Jeremy Trapp was also charged for allegedly telling a paid informant — who was embedded at a demonstration — that he wanted to blow up the Verrazzano Bridge, according to federal prosecutors.

“Had the NYPD not been watching him the consequences here could have been tragic,” Assistant US Attorney Francisco Navarro said at Trapp’s arraignment Wednesday on charges he tampered with a police vehicle.

The bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the U.S., connecting the boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island.

The informant was there when Trapp attempted to cut the brake line, crawling under an NYPD van and snipping a line. Turns out he was also stupid and managed to snip the wheel speed sensor rather than the brake line. The informant and “other cops who were surveilling them” also managed to get it all on video. That makes me feel much better about the NYPD who it seems has been largely neutered by Mayor Bill de Blasio, that this might be an indication that they actually were paying attention to what had been going on.


Because if they hadn’t been paying attention it could have been a real tragedy. Trapp allegedly told the informant that he wanted to blow up the Verazano-Narrows Bridge.

Trapp allegedly told the informant during a drive in Brooklyn that he wanted to “burn the [Verrazzano-Narrows] bridge down so that “white supremacists” could not use it. The pair later visited the bridge allegedly to conduct reconnaissance, snapping pictures of the structure.

In secretly recorded conversations with the informant, Trapp allegedly argued that the demonstrations weren’t achieving their aims because they were too peaceful.

Trapp questioned the value of burning police cars and allegedly said that they could inflict more damage by setting precincts on fire and cutting NYPD vehicle brake lines.

Trapp had already been arrested by the state for the alleged crimes, but was let out because of the bail reform law which would not allow him to be detained.

But he had no such luck with the feds. When they went to arrest him, he resisted and had to be wrestled into cuffs. The judge wasn’t for letting him out there.

He was charged with sabotage of the police van which could have held up to nine people who could have been harmed had the brakes really gone out.


“It’s hard to imagine a more potentially dangerous act than cutting the brake lines of any automobile much less a police car that might find itself involved in high-speed activity, running through red lights with sirens on,” said Judge Gold.

He faces up to 20 years in prison if found guilty on the charges in federal court.

Will Democrats condemn all the violence from the group members? We haven’t heard one Democrat even try yet.



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