Seattle Council Member Proposes Troubling Amendment to Inhibit Prosecution of Crimes Committed by Protesters

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Kshama Sawant, left, a member of the Seattle City Council, joins another protester in holding up a “Black Lives Matter” sign and a sign opposing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, following a campaign rally at Rainier Beach High School in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Some very troubling news came out today during a Seattle City Council discussion relevant to an amendment pushed by Kshama Sawant.

You may recall the socialist Sawant who has basically been a supportive ally of the radical leftists pushing chaos in Seattle. She is alleged to have let the mob into the City Hall one night to rally and protest for a short period of time. She also allegedly led them to the Mayor’s house which was a non-public address because of threats to the Mayor’s life.

Now in an amendment that was proposed today during a City Council meeting, Sawant was essentially calling to prohibit spending funds to prosecute or collect evidence about crimes that have occurred because of participating in Justice for George Floyd protests.”


So if you look at it closely, while it allows for “prosecution” of physical violence against individuals, it doesn’t appear to allow for the investigation of those same crimes if they involve “protesters.”

That means if something like that passed, technically the murder of 19 year old Lorenzo Anderson or the killing of 16 year old Antonio Mays, allegedly by CHAZ security people, might be defunded.

Not to mention, why shouldn’t every crime committed by these miscreants be prosecuted? Why are they getting a pass with this?

Sounds like Sawant was hoping no one would notice the problem in the language.

A pretty significant amendment if it were to pass, and extremely disturbing, even for the other progressive members of the council.


They decided to hold off on it for the moment.

Sawant complained about the scrutiny that her proposed amendment got. Small wonder when she’s throwing a wrench in prosecutions.

Crazy and scary stuff, particularly for the families of the people whose children were killed and/or anyone else who faced alleged crime from the protesters.


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