Portland BLM Surrounds Another Car, It Doesn't End Well

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Portland protest

Portland BLM/Antifa were at it again last night.

But while they seem to be steering clear of the federal courthouse, they’re not letting up on the Portland Police buildings.


Last night, as we mentioned earlier, they went after the Portland Police Association building, where their union meets, tried to break into it and set it on fire. It’s almost as if the presence of additional federal agents to protect the federal courthouse had nothing to do with the rioting at all.

Some of the rioters threw things like rocks and bricks at officers, striking several of them. One officer was also hit with an unknown alkaline substance according to police.

About 1:15 a.m., some protesters broke through the Portland Police Association doors and entered the office. Police said they damaged the office and set a fire inside.

The police did an LRAD warning, telling them to leave and threatened force. They ultimately declared a riot and rushed them.


But I wanted to talk more about the situation where they started attacking a pickup truck that had basically slowed and stopped.

You can see it on the video here, as they start hitting the truck and throwing things at it. A guy on a motorcycle even pulls up and throws his motorcycle down in front of the truck as others start closing in. The driver realizes he’s in a problem and he pulls out of there, sparks flying.

Scary for the driver:

But the BLM folks had illegally set up fencing across the street preventing people from getting through which would have trapped this guy at their mercy. So he floored it and took out the fencing they had set up.

At no point did he appear to come close to hitting anyone except when the guy on the motorcycle turned his vehicle into the car’s way, and he stopped. The motorcycle guy then threw his bike down in front of the truck. The truck driver only took off after the BLM person started smashing his windshield.


But that isn’t what BLM witnesses then claimed and that isn’t what media then said based upon the ‘witness’ accounts.’

Others talked about how it left them literally “shaking” and “terrified.”

We also want to note the KOIN description of the event about the above video, “Pickup plows through protester crowd, drags motorcycle.” While it’s true that it went through a crowd, saying that it “plows through a protester crowd” suggests it hit people when it did nothing of the kind.

It’s a constant effort to set and control the narrative.


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