Breaking: Trump Campaign Account Restricted by Twitter for 'Misinformation' About Coronavirus

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President Donald Trump speaks during a briefing with reporters in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, Monday, Aug. 3, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Twitter has restricted the Trump official campaign account, @TeamTrump, preventing their ability to tweet anything.

The reason appears to be their tweet of a clip of the president saying words that children are “virtually immune” from the Wuhan coronavirus. He was talking about the virus and the concept of opening schools for kids.

According to Twitter, this qualifies as “misinformation” despite the fact that it’s demonstrably true fact that children rarely get the virus according to all reports.

It’s fundamentally ridiculous that that would get a ban hammer or restriction, especially given the out and out lies propagated by both Joe Biden’s personal account and his campaign, such as continuously posting manipulated video suggesting that the president called Neo-Nazis “fine people.”

When the news first broke, The Washington Post falsely claim that Trump’s personal account had been banned, according to The Post Millenial. That of course was picked up and celebrated on the left who was then crushed when they found out it wasn’t true. Multiple other media got it wrong because WaPo got it wrong. Figures that the Trump campaign that gets the hammer when it’s the WaPo that puts out misinformation but suffers no consequences.


The campaign account is required to delete the tweet Twitter considers “misinformation” before they can be unrestricted. Twitter is now hiding the Tweet. The campaign account can appeal.

Not trying to mess in the election, too much, are you, Jack? How ridiculous is this, over something that quite frankly is essentially true? When that gets you restrict the president’s campaign account in the height of the campaign because someone doesn’t like a phrasing, Twitter is really going over the slide. Seriously questionable move, Twitter!



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