Bad Move: BLM Rioter Gets Nailed After Allegedly Setting Fire to Courthouse on Camera

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Protesters loot and vandalize a Starbucks as they clash with police officers during a protest in downtown Los Angeles, Friday, May 29, 2020. Protests have been erupting all over the country after George Floyd died earlier this week in police custody in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa)

So here’s the thing.

It’s probably not the best idea in the world if you’re going to try to set fire to a courthouse that you do it on camera.

What’s even worse is if you were posing for a picture with the very sign that you allegedly later use during the arson to set the fire so they could identify you from the protest.

Stands to reason they’d check to see who had a similar sign in the protests and they did.

Not to mention getting on camera with your distinctive tattoos.

Good job, rioters, getting it all down on camera! Keep spreading pictures of rioters, it’s definitely working in nailing them.

Photogenic Shelby Ligons, 22, has now been charged by the feds with malicious destruction of property using fire or explosives relating to the fire at Nashville’s historic courthouse on May 30.

From Breaking 911:

Numerous video clips and photographs of the destruction at City Hall were posted on social media websites, on the websites for news outlets, and on other Internet sites. Ligons is depicted in video clips and photographs from that afternoon and evening wearing blue jeans, a black-colored shirt, a medical mask, and a white-colored bandana on her head. In those video clips and photographs, Ligons is depicted holding a white-colored poster board with the words “F–k The Police” and “We Will Not Be Silent” written on it. In several video clips, Ligons is depicted setting fire to the poster and placing it inside a window located on the exterior structure of City Hall.


Whoops. Not a bright move.

She’s not the only one they’re looking for either. There was a lot of vandalism to the building with windows being smashed and graffiti all over. But there were other folks involved in the arson as well.

Wesley Somers, 25, had previously been arrested and charged in June for setting a fire in the courthouse as well.

Ligons faces a mandatory minimum of five years and up to 20 years in prison. Federal charges so she’s not easily walking.

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