Biden Gets Ripped Into Next Week For Deciding Not to Go to Wisconsin to Accept Nomination

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Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden tours McGregor Industries, a metal fabricating facility, Thursday, July 9, 2020, in Dunmore, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Is Joe Biden trying to hide in his basement in the hopes that if no one really sees him, he can sneak on through to the presidency?

It surely seems like it.

After agreeing to three debates, suddenly this week, Democrats seemed to be throwing up trial balloons of Biden possibly not debating Trump.

Joe Lockhart even tried to make it seem like it was all about the president, arguing that because “Trump is a liar” that Biden would spend too much time having to correct him. But wouldn’t that make him look good if he was doing that? It didn’t even make any sense as an argument. But at this point they’re floundering trying to come up with anything it seems.

Now, as my colleague Duke reported earlier, Biden will no longer be accepting the nomination in Milwaukee at the Democratic National Convention, but instead in his home state of Delaware. They’re trying to blame it on the Wuhan coronavirus but the convention is still scheduled to be held there, so what they’re really saying is simple: that he’s not able to be there and/or accept in person.

Not a good look if others area in fact able to be there.

So he’s following in the glorious steps of Hillary Clinton and not making it to Wisconsin?

If he isn’t able to go to Wisconsin, how can he go to three debates? If he can’t make it to do the very basics of running a campaign, how would he possibly be able to conduct a presidency?


The problem, as my colleague Sister Toldjah observed earlier, is that Biden seems to be fading fast in the stretch. A reporter asked Biden if he had a cognitive test. Biden had previously said “I’ve been tested and I’m constantly tested.” Now he said he hadn’t taken a test, asked the reporter if he was a junkie and was almost incoherent.

This way they’ll be able to control the delivery of his acceptance and not have to do it live. They don’t want anything like the above happening.

Needless to say, Biden’s decision isn’t going over well.



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