BLM Protester Stabbed in Portland as Another Anti-Police Protester Shouts, 'Call the Police!'

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Portland protest

Before the nightly radical action in Portland, the BLM folks in the park near the federal courthouse had a little earlier drama.

A woman was apparently filming in the Lownsdale Square Park. That disturbed a couple of other people in the park resulting in an argument. The woman then allegedly took out a knife and stabbed a protester in the chest, why is not clear as of yet.


The video starts post stabbing where the woman stabbed who has an Antifa tattoo shows blood on her chest and three people follow the woman with the knife.

Warning not for the squeamish:

But what’s remarkable is that one of the group who has been protesting to defund or abolish the police who is filming the drama repeatedly shouts, “Call the police!” It appears that she suddenly figured out the need for the police.

From NY Post:

“I told you not to f–k with us,” a man also says as he and the victim, with blood pouring from her chest, confront the woman.

“You stabbed someone, you b—h,” the man says.

The Antifa woman who was stabbed went to the hospital but had non-life threatening injuries.

But when the Portland Police arrived and did try to “do something” about it, the BLM folks reverted to form. Guess what happened when they arrived?

According to the police:

During the initial response, officers encountered a hostile crowd and additional police resources were summoned to try to conduct an investigation. Officers initially located the knife used in the stabbing, however as the officers were trying to secure a crime scene someone picked it up and ran off with it. Officers were unable to safely conduct an investigation due to the hostile crowd, and supervisors made the decision to disengage. As the knife is evidence, it should be returned to police custody.


So they allegedly stole evidence, impeded the investigation, got in face of the cops and it got dangerous, so the police elected just to leave. Great job, protesters!

But the suspect came back so the police were able to interview her.

Now they’re mad, complaining the police aren’t doing enough in the case. That takes some gall given they impeded the cops. It’s only because the woman came back that they were able to talk with her at all.

So now which police do they want to investigate this? The half they defunded or the other half?


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