WaPo's Take on the New Clinton/Epstein Allegations Is Why We Can't Trust Media

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As we reported earlier today, there was big news about breaking from unsealed documents in the case of Ghislaine Maxwell/Jeffrey Epstein.

Among the items revealed in the documents was testimony from Virginia Giuffre that placed former president Bill Clinton on Epstein’s island with Maxwell and “two young girls.”

Clinton has denied that he ever was on the island. Two people, including Virginia Giuffre Roberts and a technician have previously said they saw him there. But this account not only backs up those, but adds the further information about the girls. Ghislaine Maxwell has been alleged to have groomed young girls for Epstein, among other allegations.

The story has been trending on a lot of conservative media sites today.

But what did The Washington Post cover instead?

A quick search of “Washington Post Bill Clinton Epstein” reveals nothing. Which reveals everything.

But while they don’t appear to have covered the new information about Clinton, they did manage to post this, apparently trying to spin the news away from Clinton to implicate Trump because he knew Maxwell.


This is pure deflection and an attempt to unfairly bash Trump. There were plenty of people named in the documents, so spin to someone who wasn’t? Giuffre did testify that she never saw Trump on the island.

Yes, Trump did know and was friendly with Epstein. He disassociated himself from him ages ago, after Epstein reportedly put a move on a young employee at Mar-a-Lago. Trump banned him from the club, according to reports. According to an attorney who represented Virginia Roberts as well as other clients against Epstein, Trump was the only one who sat down with him and was willing to help him in his quest in getting justice for his clients against Epstein.

So when you try to make an equivalency with Clinton, who went to the island and flew on Esptein’s plane 26 times, it’s not even close.

Plus, if we’re going to try to cast aspersions simply because Trump knew Maxwell, perhaps we should look at who else reportedly knew Maxwell and much more recently, according to reports. Such as Jeff Bezos, who is the owner of The Washington Post.


According to a Vice report in November of last year, Ghislaine Maxwell was a guest at an elite writers’ retreat allegedly hosted by Bezos. Others in the literary world and Hollywood were also invited to the “Campfire” retreat. Not did two 2018 attendees independently confirmed that she was there, but one also maintained that she had attended twice before. Information about Epstein and Maxwell has been known and speculated about since at least 2011.

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