Breaking: Oregon Gov Agrees to Help Defend Fed Courthouse, Extra Fed Agents to Leave When Building 'Will No Longer Be Attacked'

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In this Oct. 29, 2019 photo, Department of Homeland Security Under Secretary Chad Wolf speaks during a meeting of the President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (PITF), in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, on the White House complex in Washington. President Donald Trump has named Chad Wolf, the former chief of staff to Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, to be the next Acting Homeland Security Secretary, the fifth person in the job since Trump took office. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

This is hot off the presses and the facts are still developing.

But apparently the feds including Vice President Mike Pence and the Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf reached an agreement with the governor of Oregon Kate Brown and other officials in the state to help defend the federal courthouse on the outside with members of the Oregon State Police, enabling the DHS to pull out the extra federal agents they had deployed to help out with the defense, the CBP Bortac Units and ICE. The regular agents that are there to protect the courthouse would remain, the FPS and the U.S. Marshals.

The governor previously had refused to work with the feds, now she’s conceded to help defend the courthouse as the locals should have been doing all along.

The State Police are to coordinate with the FPS to protect the building.

Brown is implying to her followers on Twitter that federal agents would leave immediately. But that isn’t the truth.


However, according to Chad Wolf, the augmented agents will not be leaving until they are assured that the building will “no longer be under attack.”

Clever language. So if you read what that says, the extra federal agents who were reinforcing are not leaving until the attacks stop, as Wolf made clear today.

So it’s basically putting the state folks on the front line now and saying, “It’s on you.” And if they are insufficient, it’s on them and the federal agents are still there.


It also takes away the false argument that it’s the feds’ fault. If they are still attacking when it’s the state on the front lines then it never was about the feds, was it?

Now, it will be interesting – does Antifa back down once the talking point is no longer there?

Likely not because they still hate the local police. But it takes the steam out of it if it’s no longer about opposing Trump.

Should be interesting to find out what happens tonight.


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