One of the People Arrested by the Feds in Portland Gives the Best Defense of the Federal Response

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Demonstrators try to topple a steel fence during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse Saturday, July 25, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

On Monday, the DOJ announced that 22 ‘protesters’ faced federal charges after arrests in Portland after the weekend riots.

I wrote earlier about two of them, one from Denver and another “nice young woman from Wisconsin.”

But there was another arrest that sparked my interest, that of Ronald Bernard Hickey, 44, a Canadian National. Hickey was arrested for allegedly “harassing and stalking federal employees assigned to assist the Federal Protective Service with ongoing civil unrest in Portland.” Hickey “used his Twitter account, @TawasiSoce, to knowingly release personal information of these employees in an attempt to threaten, intimidate, or incite violence against them.”

First, what’s a Canadian National doing there? Not to mention a woman from Denver and another from Wisconsin? Sure looks like there are out-of-town people supplementing this action.

But in looking at his alleged Twitter account we found something that is both a pretty dumb comment to make for the radicals’ side and, at the same time, pretty hilarious.

Wait, does he realize what he just said? He’s literally saying the federal agents don’t respond unless they are attacked, exactly blowing up the false claim that the feds are just rushing out to tear gas and harm poor little peaceful protesters. Sure sounds like justification to me! Cause and effect. Such goons!


Not the sharpest tool in the drawer there, but bonus points for honesty there, sport.

Turns out he may have been caught because he accidentally doxxed himself.

According to an affidavit, Hickey posted video of what hotel federal agents were staying at. He allegedly asked followers to call the hotel to urge them to stop “housing violent federal goons.” He also allegedly encouraged hotel employees to mess with the food orders of the agents.

An ICE agent said he connected Mr. Hickey to the account after a video that seemed to inadvertently show Mr. Hickey’s car license plate. After seeing him post one night that he was out protesting, they tracked down his car and staked it out, then arrested him.

He apparently was arrested not long after he posted that winner of a tweet and hasn’t posted since that night.


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