Anti-Antifa Heroes Let BLM Have It When They Build a Barricade in Seattle, Then Police Finish It Off

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Seattle Zone

After all the rioting and attacks on cops in Seattle on Saturday that we reported here where they torched part of a youth detention center being constructed and threw explosives at the East Precinct, 59 cops were injured and 47 people were arrested by the end of the day, according to King 5.


By comparison, Sunday seemed much calmer.

Also by Sunday, it seemed some residents had just about enough of the BLM and Antifa antics.

I reported on the reaction to the Saturday events by Paul Gallant an ESPN radio host here.

But when the radicals tried to set up a barricade of stolen trash cans and other items in the middle of the street, some folks let them have it, but good.

Antifa person then tells him he should “clean it up” “do your job” and he says he will. Another BLM person claims the barricade is “keeping them safe from terrorism,” likely meaning the police.

The man tries to clean it up while the white Antifa dude just keeps tipping it over again and trying to taunt him. Because you know “Black Lives Matter.”


Then there’s this Seattle resident. He makes it simple. Warning for language.

A small, what looks like a white, Antifa woman then tries to get in his face and starts yelling at him to get out of here. A black BLM person comes in between to tell her that’s a no no, and tells them to just let him say what he wants.

Then the police finish off the barricade. Guess that didn’t block the cops much there.

That may have put them off their feed. There were no big riotous actions last night. So good job, Americans!


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