Portland Rioters: 'Every City, Every Town, Burn the Precincts to the Ground'

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Mannequins are seen through shattered glass at an H

The protest/riot in Portland last night was massive, by some counts almost 7500 people — certainly, there were several thousand.


The number of people who are involved in these actions is more than a little troubling, and the numbers are big, not just in Portland.

“Peaceful protesters.”

Remember how some Democrats tried to argue when they said defund the police, they really didn’t mean total abolition of the police? It was just about redirecting some of the money? Then some crazy cities actually voted to give them what they wanted, cutting by 50% or making other significant cuts.

So now what do they want? In case you bought the prior line, they make it very clear in their chants last night.

“No cops, no prisons, total abolition.”


Just in case that isn’t clear, here’s more. It’s not about justice, police brutality, or George Floyd.

That’s the platform, but media won’t report it accurately because no one would accept it and it shows them to be the radicals they are.

Once they got to the federal courthouse, they went into their same routine again, as we reported earlier.

They employed saws, hammers, and ropes but they’re really awful at this.

They finally got the fence down but were then bum-rushed by the feds, who had a lot of agents there.


It doesn’t end well for them, as the tearful cries of one Antifa person busted show.

Portland Police also got involved and dragged off some of the screaming rioters.

Are Democrats and the national media going to decry this or call it what it is? Unfortunately, the answer is no. But that says everything right there about them, that they wouldn’t.


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