ESPN Radio Host Who Previously Dunked on Trump Has an Awakening About Rioters - When They Show Up at His Home

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Dumpster fire near the CHAZ

Paul Gallant is a talk show host at 710 ESPN Seattle. He’s the co-host of “Danny and Gallant”, weekday mornings on the channel.


Back when Seattle was dealing with the CHAZ autonomous zone and President Donald Trump was calling out the mayor’s inadequacy at dealing with the situation, Gallant responded back in an interesting way, “Chill Dawg.”

But Gallant had an altogether different take when the rioters made it to his neighborhood and his apartment complex on Sunday during the riot in Seattle.

Now, he gets it, but before, it’s all esoteric. Bottom line, not everyone is seeing everything that is happening, especially if they’re only looking at national media reports. Until rioters get around to your neighborhood. Actually when folks on the right cracked on him a bit over it, he was, well, pretty chill, so I give him props for that.


I’m with Tim Pool on this one. A lot of folks are seeing this now coming to neighborhoods near them and it’s freaking them out, rightly so. We should be supportive of folks when they get it and welcome them because, Lord knows, we are going to need all the people who get it in order to help get this stopped. Public opinion is changing against this craziness and that’s what’s going to be needed to stop it.

These rioters didn’t give a darn about throwing an explosive firework into the building, setting it on fire with people in residences above the store. Let that sink in, that’s what we’re dealing with here, not people seeking “justice.”

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