Watch: Tiny Little Kids Led to Portland Federal Courthouse, Encouraged to Use Vile Curses Against Police

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

We’ve seen some pretty vile things in the coverage of the Portland riots.

Attempts to burn down the federal courthouse.

Attacks on federal and local law enforcement officers.

Using the terrorist propaganda tactic of “moms” protecting “peaceful protesters” when some of those same moms were then caught on video along with other Antifa rioters trying to break into the federal courthouse.

They were also seen carrying a big sign advocating for class war with anarchy symbols on it.

But there’s a video that’s really vile. Little kids, basically little more than toddlers, being led by their guardians outside of the federal courthouse in Portland, you can see it in the background with the fencing around it.

The adults encourage the little kids to say “f*ck the police.” The kids are also holding signs that said things like “Eff Trump’s goons.” One toddler is encouraged to make a socialist or black power fist.

This is so disgusting and it’s just straight up child abuse to put your kids through that. Not to mention taking them down there in the first place. Just utterly sickening that they would do this to kids. Poor little kids, great parenting there.

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