Portland Rioters Including 'Moms' Attack and Finally Breach Federal Courthouse, Driven Back By Feds

AP Photo/Noah Berger
AP featured image
Federal officers use crowd control munitions to disperse Black Lives Matter protesters outside the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

After nights of attacks on the federal courthouse in Portland with the violent anarchists not seeming to have enough intelligence to figure out how to breach the wooden panels that the federal government put up on the building, the radical leftists finally managed to breach the protection, and rip some of the panels off the building.

First they ripped down and pushed over the fencing surrounding the building with the “moms” helping in that effort. Translation: hey liberal media, those moms you’re trying to praise? They’re straight up rioters. I doubt many are even ‘moms,’ that’s just straight up propaganda like Hamas terrorists use.

Here are the moms involved after the fencing is ripped down, putting the fencing up against the door to barricade the police in. The police did nothing to anyone before this, so rioters have no excuses. People ask, “Why are they so concentrated on the federal courthouse.” Because they are trying to provoke a federal response for the video, for propaganda purposes, just like how they use the ‘moms.’ It’s not just about the ‘revolution’ but about the propaganda surrounding it and making them appear the poor oppressed victims of the federal government.

The ‘moms’ are easy to identify criminals in yellow. Good job making them all wear yellow, guys!


Here are some of the moms trying to kick in the protective barriers on the courthouse, other moms holding up the fence to for the kickers to lean against.

They finally just create a hole and brute force it.


Whoops! More barriers underneath.

But once they started to breach those, the federal officers involved have to respond to protect themselves. Because if the rioters get in, the building will go and they will be overwhelmed.

So at this point they drop out some teargas and emerge.

Here’s why they detain folks coming from the riot when they think they can do it safely, that crazy hoax story about “unidentified troops” and kidnappings when it’s detention by clearly marked Bortac units of the CBP. Because this is what happens when they try to arrest them in the middle of the other rioters – they are attacked and have their suspect stripped from them.

But they successfully pushed them back and down the street.


Portland and Oregon’s response to this?

The Mayor denied the feds the coordination that had existed with the Portland Police. Despite that, they successful drove the rioters away. Unbelievably, the state is now suing on behalf of the rioters claiming the federal police detained rioters without cause.

The only people responding in and with reality? The feds. The state, city and media are all spinning about the poor “peaceful protesters.”



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