Community Leaders in Portland Call Out Local Elected Leaders and Anarchist Violence: We've 'Had Enough'

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The rioters were at it in Portland again last night, for the 53 night in a row.

They had a group of “moms” out in front before they attacked the federal courthouse again, using a terrorist propaganda move them as a human shield. It’s a common leftist move: anyone they can put up front as “vulnerable” to get the right video – moms, elderly, disabled, kids. Now, they literally had some women with “mom” scrawled across their shirt and we’re supposed to not call this out as manipulative? Any way they got the shot of the moms, then the “moms” disappeared and the rioters ripped down the fencing and attacked the courthouse again, burning an American flag and trying to set the building on fire again.


We’ve heard a lot from Democratic officials from Portland and Oregon who have bent over backwards to protect the violent rioters.

They’ve even tried to blame President Donald Trump for the feds daring to respond to protect federal property because the city has been unable to do so.

But what are the people being affected by all this thinking? What about the members of the community who aren’t the anarchists and who aren’t Democratic politicians? These are the citizens the Democratic politicians and the national liberal media are ignoring in their slanted coverage suggesting this is all just “peaceful protesters.” It’s insane that they push this narrative with the videos showing all the violence by the radical leftists, but it’s because they’re leftists they’re trying to spin.


Members of the community came out on Sunday holding a news conference to decry the 53 days of violence by the anarchists. The group included the Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner and faith leaders, business owners, police officers and neighborhood residents.

Turner said the community has “had enough.”

The group stood in front of the Portland Police Association which the anarchists broke into and lit on fire on Saturday night. The anarchists said they wanted to “send a message” by torching the building and covering it with graffiti. They did, the message that they are trying to sow chaos.

Mayor Ted Wheeler lied about “protests dying down” before the federal response in the KGW video. Bull. They’ve been going on for 53 days. He’s sided with the anarchists and not protected federal property so the feds have had to do it themselves because he’s so ineffectual.

“The elected officials have condoned the destruction and chaos,” said Turner. “They have placed their political agenda ahead safety and welfare of the community. This must stop.”

From KGW:

“If you care about Black lives, if you care about the community, if you care about your officers, if you care about your city the only thing you need to do is make this stop,” Portland police union president Daryl Turner said.

Turner called out elected officials for condoning violence and chaos in Portland and not acting.

“This is no longer about George Floyd. This is no longer about racial equity or social justice. This is no longer about reform or the evolution of policing,” Turner said. “This is about violence, rioting, destruction, chaos, anarchy, buildings on fire, dumpsters on fire, broken glass and damaged businesses in Old Town, the Pearl, Northeast and North Portland.”


“Our city is under siege by rioters,” Turner said.

Pastor J.J.W. Matt Hennessee of Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church called for a moratorium on violence and said the destruction, fires and looting were distracting working on real solutions.

“If you want to make change, if you are serious about change, then I’m begging you as a citizen of this city . . . put down your need for violence,” Hennessee pleaded. He offered to meet with anyone who wanted to work on peaceful solutions.

People were already tired of this before the feds started responding, contrary to Wheeler’s statement, as this video shows.

The silent majority is going to speak on this and speak loudly in November.

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