BREAKING: St. Louis Circuit Attorney Weighs in on Charging the McCloskeys in Unreal Statement

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Here’s what it means when George Soros backs a candidate for “criminal justice reform.”

What you get is people like BLM rioters who commit actual crimes not being charged, while those who defend themselves on their own property are, apparently for purely political reasons.


St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said Monday that she was charging Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the armed couple who displayed guns when BLM protesters entered a private street next to the McCloskey property, broke a wrought iron gate, allegedly went on their lawn, and threatened the couple.

According to Fox, Gardner said that she was charging them with “felony unlawful use of a weapon” and “misdemeanor fourth degree assault.” “It is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner — that is unlawful in the city of St. Louis,” Gardner claimed.


So, basically, she’s saying no one has a right to defend themselves on their own property, because she says so, despite Missouri law and despite the Castle Doctrine. The McCloskeys had the right to defend themselves and they didn’t hurt anyone in the process.

Meanwhile, this is the same prosecutor who refused to prosecute BLM people for all manner of criminal actions associated with the “protesting/rioting.”

Notice how she casts the McCloskeys’ defense of their property as somehow “intimidating” the “peaceful protesters,” paying no heed to the alleged intimidation of the McCloskeys by the protesters who clearly broke the law and broke the gate, according to a UPI photographer who was with the BLM group.

This is “justice” through the looking glass, purely political prosecution. That’s how you become a banana republic.

From Reuters:

Several Republican leaders have condemned Gardner’s investigation, including President Donald Trump, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and Sen. Josh Hawley, who has urged Attorney General William Barr to undertake a civil rights investigation of Gardner. Parson said in a radio interview Friday that he would likely pardon the couple if they were charged and convicted.


So they’re going to defund the police and argue that you can’t defend yourself. What a horrible recipe for chaos.

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