Watch: Antifa Torch Portland Police Association, Break Into Federal Property, Threaten Police

Portland Police
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Portland Police

Antifa was at it again on Saturday night, the 52nd straight night of attacks on the city and police.


Police declared a riot and ordered them to disperse, but the anti-police extremists broke into the Portland Police Association and set the inside on fire.

Police then used tear gas, rushed them, and made multiple arrests.

The crowd was also back at the federal courthouse again.

First, there were “protesters” out in front of the courthouse, they employed the terrorist tactic of having pregnant mothers in the front as a ‘human shield.’ It’s a common leftist direct action tactic to put elderly, disabled, or pregnant in the front to dissuade police from acting and/or to create the video of police attacking them which they can then use against them. Pretty sick.


Antifa also went after the courthouse again.

Officers came out and dispersed them

But they came back.

They were largely too stupid to figure out how to get the wood off to get at the windows, although they did manage to get one panel off.


One of the things that was interesting from the live streams was that they were joined by a lot of people from Seattle, guess all the CHAZ-ians have no place to go anymore. The Seattle folks started trying to tell the Antifa folks how to protest and what they should be demanding, since they have no demands except anarchy. The Antifa folks were getting ticked off by the folks from Seattle trying to tell them what to do, they want to rip things down and break things, not “protest.” That seemed to end the evening. Great job, Seattle folks!


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