Watch: Veterans Put Up Flags at Portland Federal Courthouse, Try to Defend It From Antifa

Julio Rosas/Townhall Media
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American flag stolen in the CHAZ

We’re not sure who they are, but two men were at the Portland courthouse last night, trying to dissuade the rioters from attacking the building again, make them think about what they were doing and stand up for America.


The men who were both reportedly veterans were putting up flags on the fencing that the feds put up around the courthouse.

The black man said that he lived there and was tired of them tearing up his town. He tried to talk with some of the people who had “resist” shirts on.

The “resistors” made it clear they didn’t love the country.

The black veteran did say that he was disturbed with “Trump” for tear gassing the neighborhood.

But then he found out why as he stuck around trying to defend the courthouse from attack. He appeared to have a few others with him, trying to tell Antifa that they were delegitimizing the movement and they weren’t there for black lives.


Except Antifa doesn’t want to protest. They want to scream and break things, and larp at being revolutionaries.

We have to give it up for this guy and his buddies. They tried and it’s nice to see Americans standing up for the rule of law. More of this, please.

But unfortunately, Antifa didn’t listen.


What was interesting that people were attacking the courthouse without Antifa gear on as well, so that they might be clearly identifiable.

They were dispersed by the police at some point but came back but were unsuccessful because they were largely unable to figure out how to breach the boarding around the building.

But one did yell at the feds and threaten them, as we reported earlier.


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