Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Demands a Meeting With DHS Officials to Negotiate a ‘Cease-fire’

AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer, File

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s progressive delusions seem to have gotten worse since he was tear-gassed while being at the riot as other rioters were trying to set fire to the federal courthouse.

Wheeler now wants to talk with the DHS about negotiating a “ceasefire” and the removal of increased federal law enforcement agents from Portland.

So, the man who let the anarchists get out of hand for the past 60 days, who has done nothing substantial to curtail their attacks on the federal courthouse and federal agents, seems to be negotiating the “war” on their behalf, seemingly asking the federal government to give in to the terrorism that has been going on for weeks by leaving.

So, here’s the thing. Unless he actually is representing the terrorists, how can he negotiate a “ceasefire?” Also, interesting choice of language: he’s basically admitting they are attacking the United States.

The radical anarchists are the ones attacking, the feds are only responding. You can’t end a “war” if only one side concedes. The feds aren’t conceding the rule of the law, which is represented by their presence and the courthouse, especially in the absence of the failure to maintain the rule of law by the local politicians like Wheeler and Commissioner Hardesty. It’s the radical anarchists who have to stop attacking or all be arrested.

What would be precious is seeing Ted pitch that idea to the rioters and see what their response to him is. Something tells me he isn’t going to get the reaction he wants.

Not to mention, just a little more than a week ago, Wheeler was pandering to the terrorists, refusing to meet with the DHS and said if they invited him, he would decline.

Here’s what they should say back to Ted: “Sorry, bud, we don’t negotiate with terrorists. So tell your buddies to stop attacking if they don’t all want to be locked up for the next ten years. Thank you, get out of my office, and there’s the door.”

Just a reminder of how violent the radical anarchists are and while there have been fewer people, they’re escalating the violence.


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