Dozens of BLM and Antifa Full On Attack Police in Chicago, Police Reinforcements Make Them Regret It

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Cops Dragged By Rioters in Chicago

There was a BLM ‘protest’ in Chicago, then came what appeared to be a coordinated effort to pull down a statue of Christopher Columbus in Grant Park. That devolved into an all out attack on the police officers there to defend the statue.


Rioters pelted the police, most of whom had no helmets on, with all kinds of bricks, rocks, sticks, bottles, even fireworks, you name it, it looked like an incoming barrage.

One BLM guy says “peaceful protest” but everyone else is just attacking the police trying to get over the wall to attack the statue.

They moved the cops back with the barrage and made it over the wall.


Black flag stands for anarchy.

But before they could pull it down, the reinforcements arrived, these idiots asked for a response with their actions and they got it, with pepper spray and batons.


Here’s the thing. This may have been a protest at one point. But now these “protests” are just covers for the riots. This was a full-on planned assault on the police, not protest that got out of hand. Planned attack. And planned attempt to rip down the statue.

It’s about time media start reporting the reality of it, that these are criminal attacks. They could have killed cops with what they did, who knows how many were injured because of this.

But they limped away, whining about pepper spray and how mean the police were. Play stupid games and attack cops, win stupid prizes. Maybe don’t attack the police next time. And those limping away were lucky. Several were arrested. These rioters are losers that need to be locked up and given some real time.


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