Media Spins Like Crazy on Trump's Comment About More White People Being Killed by Police than Black People

Conor Beck
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President Trump speaks to Townhall Media from the Rose Garden.

President Donald Trump made comments in response to CBS’s Catherine Herridge that had the media going crazy with spin.


Herridge asks about the death of George Floyd which the president says was horrible. Then she asked the question, “Why are African Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement?”

Now I’m with Trump on this one, even though I love the heck out of Catherine Herridge who’s a brilliant reporter but the question implies in the nature of it that police are targeting African Americans. Which is why Trump responded with “more white people” are killed, which is also true, more white people are killed by police than are African Americans.

But you wouldn’t know that if you listened to the media and that’s been a missing part of the whole discussion going on.

Here are a couple of samples of the reaction to Trump’s remark.

Maggie Haberman at the New York Times:


What a sentence. It’s demonstrably true statement without even a question but she says Trump “asserts” it and she puts quotes around “more” as though the statement is in doubt.

Check out Reuters which clearly goes over the line here.

“Without giving any evidence of the claim.” Seriously? This is Reuters, not even CNN.

How much has media been done in by themselves with stuff like this?

He just said “more” – raw numbers – he wasn’t talking about proportionally to race in population or in proportion to involvement in crime or violent crime. That’s another discussion. But I wanted to make the point that they are so desirous of attacking him they will fire at him for things like this that are just unquestionably true.


What’s also missing is “killed” by police doesn’t explain that most of the people killed by police were armed and/or attacking the police. That’s another reason Herridge’s question, stripped of that context is so bad, it doesn’t deal with the question of self-defense or whether the officer was under attack.

If you leave all that out, if you even question basic unquestioned fact, you’re pushing a political narrative and you need to be checked.

For shame, media, any of you that went this route.

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