Watch: Family of 1 Year Old Davell Gardener Wants People to Know His Life Mattered

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Davell Gardner

I am so sad to write yet again about kids being shot and killed because of incredibly incompetent Democratic administrations and their failure to do anything about the problem. This summer it has only gotten worse, with shootings increasing dramatically in places like New York City and Atlanta.


The folks who yell, “Black Lives Matter!” promote a group which doesn’t seem to care about these kids being shot or largely black on black crime. The shootings have actually gotten worse since the group’s ascendancy with moves being taken to defund the police.

Every summer weekend is a horror show of kids getting shot, this past weekend was no different and next weekend will bring more.

This past weekend, 1 year old baby Davell Gardner, Jr., was sitting in his stroller with his grandmother and other people at a neighborhood cookout in Brooklyn when two gunmen opened fire on the group. Three men in the group were hit and are expected to survive. But little Davell died.

What a beautiful little boy.

His family were just beside themselves. Looking at them, you can just feel their palpable grief.


From Townhall:

“For the cowards that did this, you should be ashamed of yourself because everybody talk about Black Lives Matter, what about baby lives? What about teenager lives?” the one-year-old’s grandmother said during an interview with Fox News’ Lawrence Jones. “You took an innocent child from a mother and a father, as well as the grandparents, and I don’t think it’s fair.” [….]

Samantha Gardner had a simple message for the people who murdered her grandson. “You took my son. Go to Hell. You can go to Hell. Excuse my expression but you took something precious from me, precious from my son, something precious from his mother, and we will never see him. He cannot come back. He cannot wake back up. He was an innocent little baby and he’s gone forever.”

Davell Gardner, the baby’s father, pleaded with people to help provide information on the killers, said the neighborhood was getting worse said no one was doing anything about it.

A friend of the family set up a GoFundMe for the family to help with costs for the funeral or other needs they might have at this time.

From CBS Local:

Community advocate Tony Herbert said he wants to see the NYPD’s Anti-Crime Unit back on the streets.

“The guns keep going off, and now we have a 1-year-old, and the blood is on the hands of this mayor and the state Legislature,” he said. “They need to raise the mandatory minimum of anybody carrying an illegal firearm to 10 years, and I can guarantee it will reduce this amount of gun violence.”


Having the anticrime unit back would help save more lives. But it was done away with in the effort to appease the BLM and the “defund the police” movement. Because “Black Lives Matter.” Are we through the looking glass enough already?


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