Watch: Antifa Guy Finds Out the Hard Way He Opened the Wrong Motorist's Door

Portland Police
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Portland Police

There’s no question that Portland is a hotbed of the radical leftist action going on now.

Antifa has been attacking police in the city for over 45 days, concentrating in the past couple of weeks on the federal courthouse, the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, trying to burn it down. They have so far been unsuccessful, although it is all boarded up on the outside from all the attacks and it has been spray painted with obscene phrases and threats against law enforcement by Antifa.


Here’s what it used to look like, with the nice park across the street.

Here’s what it looks like now, after days of being under attack, with the nice park now used as a staging area by Antifa:

Several police officers have been injured including one who was hit in the head by one of the Antifa people as they were trying to break into the Courthouse. That’s in addition to all the businesses vandalized, looted or destroyed.

On Saturday night, one of the Antifa people allegedly was hit in the head with a less than lethal round as he lifted a gas canister, seemingly to throw it at the police.

But also on the weekend was this video which shows another bad move by Antifa.

Antifa/protesters/rioters have a habit of harassing people while trying to stop cars. At least two people have been shot by protesters, others have been injured.

But when one of the Antifa tried to open the car door of a motorist’s SUV that was stopped outside the Courthouse, the Antifa guy found out the hard way that was the wrong door to try to open.


Can we say incredibly stupid and ill-advised move?

That was some takedown. They were all so stunned, they immediately all backed off.

It’s pretty clear that this guy had training, was probably military and probably a fed or security of some type. The phone on the ground apparently wasn’t his. The Antifa guy didn’t stand a chance. The way they freak out over the bow and arrows is something else. What were they going to do with “more people?” Surround his car and try to mess with him again? That didn’t work out so well. “Take a picture of his license plate.” Guessing trying to dox this dude and take him on would be another very bad move.


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