The Battle for the Portland Federal Courthouse Continues, But It Doesn't End Well for Antifa

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

Portland has been under attack by Antifa elements for over forty days. There’s really no other way to describe it. It isn’t a protest. Every night now, they assemble and then try to attack the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse. Many officers have been injured in these actions.

The Portland Police have been completely unable to stop them. The only thing that has been able to repel them has been the use of federal officers.

On Friday night, they hit a federal officer in the head with a hammer.

They didn’t need any false excuse since they’ve been trying this for weeks. The shooter was black, so no, not white supremacist.

But they got pushed back and they weren’t happy when the police started moving them back.

Watch one get maced here:

Watch this crazy threaten the police:

If she’s disabled, why is she out rioting in the street against the police? What’s her disability? Ignorant leftist? Truly that does seem a disorder.

Then the police raided the park where they were gathered, cleared them out and made arrests.

But one man found out that what he was doing was really not a good idea. They refused to disperse and were still trying to attack law enforcement. A man looks like he’s trying to throw a gas canister at the officers defending the Courthouse and gets dropped by police, allegedly by a less than lethal round. Other reports suggested it might have been with a tear gas canister.

They need to lock up more of the organizers and hold them without bail, on federal charges until they break this.