Police Are Incredibly Patient When They Have to Deal With This Level of Crazy at Protests

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A protester climbs a statue outside Surrogate’s Court near an encampment outside City Hall, Tuesday, June 30, 2020, in New York. New York City lawmakers are holding a high-stakes debate on the city budget as activists demand a $1 billion shift from policing to social services and the city grapples with multibillion-dollar losses because of the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

One of the things that is not said enough when talking about the radical leftists trying to push chaos across the country is the things the police have been put through in the process.

It is prejudice when you collectively adjudge all police as evil/wrong/racist because there are a few who may be. But that’s what the radicals have done and it’s not being pushed back against enough.

If you’ve been observing the various protests, you may have seen the vile way that police have often been treated by protesters, screaming in their faces, shining lights in their eyes, calling them vile names, not to mention of course, often physically attacking them as well.

We catalogued some of those instances here, with white liberals trying to tell black cops how racist they were and others screaming obscenities in the face of the cops.

The folks who may be the most vile (although it’s certainly a tough call) are the folks at Occupy City Hall in NYC, the New York version of CHAZ, in a city park next to the City Hall.

When police were ordered back after a standoff with protesters, the protesters serenaded them good bye, singing “nah nah nah nah, hey hey, good bye” and mocking that the police were going to “lose their jobs” because of the decision of the City Council to cut some police jobs.


Then, as we reported, there was this lovely fellow in a green skirt/skort (?) who tried to belittle the NYPD officers as uneducated rubes to be mocked, who didn’t know as much history as he, with his college degree did, according to him.

He’s the guy half-naked living in a tent for more than a week, mocking people he thinks are inferior to him, while claiming to be concerned about the oppressed and the marginalized. Meanwhile, it’s the cops who have responsible jobs, who are providing for their families and aren’t attacking their country. So who’s really the one that should be reevaluating himself here? Hint: not the cops.

But that same guy didn’t stop there. He was busy harassing the cops again.


The same man twerks in a thong before the cops with a cross in his hand. He puts his rear end up toward the face of the female cop while waving the cross.

Warning for offensive images.

Exactly what does any of that have to do with alleged concerns about police brutality or racism? He’s even harassing the female cop, but I guess that doesn’t matter. What resilience to have to put up with such nonsense and crazy night after night.

This is just straight up evil stuff. It has nothing to do with police brutality or racism and everything to do with tearing down norms, defiling the cross and bringing chaos. It’s continually trying to shift the Overton Window further left until there are no “norms” left.


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