Activists Blocking Entry Into Mount Rushmore to Keep Out People Coming for Trump Speech

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)

Here they go again.

Just as radical leftists folks tried to keep Trump supporters out of his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma by blocking off a gate and making people concerned about violence, activists at Mount Rushmore are trying the same tactic. The whole tactic is try to depress the crowd to make it look like fewer people attending the president’s event.

But this isn’t a Trump rally, but a celebration of July 4th but the activists don’t give a darn about that.

They parked vans across the road, linked them and slashed or removed the tires to make it harder to move them and block the way in.

The National Guard is now there trying to clear the area, the police have declared an unlawful assembly and they may be getting ready to tear gas any people remaining there. A lot just left when the police announced they were all going to get arrested.

Looks like they may have attacked the police here as well:

This is what these ‘protesters’ don’t want people to hear.

Lot of white leftists included there once again.

Strangely these folks didn’t come out and call it “sacred land” or complain about the “slave owners” on Mount Rushmore when Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders visited. CNN treated it completely differently then too, calling it the “majestic” monument.

Reportedly other roads in are open and police/National Guard are addressing this blockage if they haven’t already cleared it.

Looks like most are getting in, here’s a little taste of Air Force One coming in and the folks waiting.

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