Watch: Protesters Serenade NYPD 'Bye Bye' as They Backoff During Standoff Over Occupied Zone in NYC

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Police form a line on Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower on Sunday, May 31, 2020, in New York. Demonstrators took to the streets of New York to protest the death of George Floyd, who died May 25 after he was pinned at the neck by a Minneapolis police officer. (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen)

For a little while, it seemed a tight race as to who was the worst mayor in America, between Jenny Durkan who allowed radical leftists to take over six blocks of Seattle and form an execrable autonomous zone and New York’s Bill de Blasio who has basically destroyed his city.

But Durkan finally decided to do away with the radical autonomous zone this morning, after the radicals dared to show up at her home on Monday night with avowed Socialist city council member, Kshama Sawant.

So now, there’s no contest anymore, it’s de Blasio.

De Blasio of course was horrific when it came to the pandemic, encouraging people to congregate in public and on the subway and not doing anything until the middle of March when he finally shut the schools down. His failures are likely one of the reasons that New York has more deaths than any other state in the union.

But his reaction to the “defund the police” movement and the rioting by radical leftists has also been horrific. Under de Blasio, the 600 member anticrime department was dissolved and the members transferred to other duty. That unit was a vital part of keeping crime in check because as a plainclothes division they were proactive rather than reactive, cutting off the use of guns before the crime. Now that they’re gone and there’s a general increase in lawlessness because of the riots and the radical leftists, shootings have skyrocketed.

On top of that, the city council just voted to reduce the NYPD budget by $1 billion which is going to come largely by reducing overtime by $352 million and trimming the size of the police force by 1,163 cops, which Mayor Bill de Blasio insisted would not decrease public safety despite the increase in shootings and violence.


Radicals had been camped out, with hundreds occupying a park by the city hall in NYC for about a week demanding the $1 billion cut that they ultimately got last night. So were they leaving this morning? Not so much. De Blasio hasn’t yet learned the Durkan lesson: you don’t cede land to radicals or you may not get it back.

Police moved in this morning to remove barricades that the radical leftists had set up in the street around the park area which were preventing traffic from moving through the area. Here’s video from Shelby Talcott and Richie McGinniss of the Daily Caller.

They tried to take the park but were beat back by the radicals who assaulted them with umbrellas and other items.

That ended in a stand off with hundreds of protesters on the side walk, facing off with the police in the street.


Then police just marched away, with the radicals chanting “Whose streets, our streets” and mocking them and singing “Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.”

It’s a sad and ridiculous day in New York City with how low de Blasio and other politicians have brought the city and the NYPD.


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