Watch Police Arrest Folks in the Autonomous Zone and City Cleans Up The Utter Mess They Left

AP Photo/Aron Ranen
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Seattle police block a street with their bikes in the Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone early Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Police in Seattle have torn down demonstrators’ tents in the city’s occupied protest zone after the mayor ordered it cleared. (AP Photo/Aron Ranen)

Mayor Jenny Durkan finally ended the radical autonomous zone in Seattle this morning.

Chief Carmen Best ordered her police officers into the zone clearing out all the extremists in under two hours.

So much for the “Summer of Love” Mayor Durkan thought would happen.

So what did the police find when they went into the CHOP that was supposed to be such a transformative love experience and ended up being a murder zone?

Check it out, click on to enlarge.

Look at how they had crap everywhere and how they defaced every building with disgusting things like “kill the pigs” or “F**k 12.” How much is this going to cost to clean all this up? They should’ve taken the names of everyone as they kicked them out and delivered them the bill. They still need to track down the murderers of Lorenzo Anderson and get the real story of what happened when the CHOP security allegedly shot the two other teens, killing one.


Sweet people, right? 31 people ended up arrested for charges from obstruction to assault.

What a difference law and order makes!

The residents came out and gave the police coffee for their efforts, they were so happy to be rid of the anarchists.

Mayor Durkan said she regretted the loss of life.

Too little, too late.


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