Breaking: Watch Seattle Police Finally Clear out the CHAZ (After Radicals Came to Mayor's Home)

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New cement and wood barricades bear the name CHOP, Tuesday, June 16, 2020, inside what has been named the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone in Seattle. The city put the barriers in place Tuesday in hopes of defining an area where emergency, delivery, and other vehicles can travel through the area while still preserving space for protesters, who have been there since police pulled back from near the department’s East Precinct after recent clashes with people protesting the death of George Floyd. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Finally, the Mayor of Seattle decided to drop the hammer on the Seattle autonomous zone.

Last night, the Seattle Department of Transportation began removing some of the barricades.

The radicals tried to put substitutes like couches and other things to block off the area again.

But Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an emergency order today, demanding that the radicals leave the Capitol Hill area.

The police issued a dispersal order at 5 a.m., they gave them eight minutes to get out, then they moved in.


(Porta-potties the city provided to them.)

Here’s the very satisfying video of the police finally clearing them out.

Points to note: you see them with long batons because they’ve been forbidden by court order from using things like tear gas and flash bangs because a court found those things possible “indiscriminate” weapons, meaning they can affect other non-involved residents in the area. Someone does appear to be discretely spraying something as they move.


The police reclaimed the East Precinct and seized the tent area in Cal Anderson Park and told people they would hear a notice in the future where they could get their stuff. The police wouldn’t let them back in to get anything.

At least 13 people who either refused to leave or caused trouble were arrested.

Done in a couple of hours — why couldn’t they have done this before?

Now, King 5 did report police were investigating “several vehicles” “circling the area after officers moved into the area. Police said the vehicle didn’t appear to have visible license plates, and the people inside were seen with ‘firearms/armor.'” Likely folks hoping to go back in after the police leave. So, doubtless, police will be on the lookout for that.

What finally seemed to prompt the action against them?


Not the murder of Lorenzo Anderson a week and a half ago. Not even the killing of a 16-year-old and the wounding of a 14-year-old this past weekend. After the second killing, Durkan made noises about winding the zone down but didn’t act.

It wasn’t until the radicals came to her home in the company of Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant on Monday night that finally Durkan acted. Just as with the Portland mayor, Ted Wheeler, who didn’t act until they started setting up an autonomous zone outside his apartment, these progressive mayors don’t seem to care about what’s happening to their constituents until it’s brought to their doorsteps.


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