Watch: Black People In Harlem Reveal What They Think About the Concept of 'Abolishing the Police'

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Ami Horowitz

A couple of months ago, anyone trying to push “defunding the police” would have been laughed at as ridiculous.

But now real people in Democratic cities like New York and Minneapolis are acting like this concept deserves serious consideration and are pursuing it.


It doesn’t even make any sense, even in their “let’s make it more acceptable” mode, claiming that “defunding” only means cutting police monies substantially and redirecting the funds. If you claim what you care about is dealing with police brutality, how does taking away money solve that? Indeed, it makes it worse. Because when you cut positions, you make it harder on the people who are left, not easier. Taking away money translates actually to more crime, because there aren’t the resources to deal, and the loss of lives, including black lives. So it actually would do the opposite of what they claim to want.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz decided to ask people about the question. He first asked several white liberals/leftists

He first asked clearly white liberals/leftists who attacked the police saying things like they “f**king hate the police,” calling them “monsters,” even claiming that police arose out of slave catching patrols (history correction: no, they didn’t) and calling them an “occupying army.”

But when he went to East Harlem and Malcolm X Boulevard, and the black people he spoke to there thought abolishing the police was a terrible idea.

From Townhall:


They’re needed. I approve for them to be here ’cause my son, he’s eight now. He wants to be a police. I want to push him to be a police.”

“I think they’re being somewhat ignorant,” a black woman said bluntly.

An African American man said the area they were in would be “very dangerous” without the police. “People would be just going crazy! You know what I mean? It’d be worse than what it is. Robberies, looting, raping, murder…” he explained.

An older black man wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt completely disagreed with the idea of doing away with the police. “Abolishing the NYPD? That would be suicide!” he replied. “There’s too many criminals out here, man! Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t feel safe! But you need the police to police the land, man, and the people, you know?

This is your brain on sanity and reality vs. leftist ideology.


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