Watch: Priest and Other Catholics Praying Rosary Stand Between Statue of St. Louis and Mob that Wants to Rip It Down

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Protesters hold signs outside the City Justice Center, Monday, June 1, 2020, in St. Louis. Protesters gathered to speak out against the death of George Floyd who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers on May 25. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

As my colleague Susie Moore previously reported, the radicals were coming for the statue of St. Louis, King Louis IX of France, a Catholic saint and the person for whom St. Louis is named.

Named the Apotheosis of St. Louis, the statue was built in 1906 and stands at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

But Catholics came out to pray at the base of the statue, to stand between it and the mob that wanted to tear it down.

They screamed and yelled foul language at people praying the Rosary. Warning for language.

They assaulted this guy and there were other scuffles.

They defaced the base of the statue, writing bad and false things about St. Louis.


At one point, Fr. Stephen Schumacher of the St. Louis Archdiocese stood between them and the statue and tried to talk sense to them, explaining the history, that St. Louis when King of France had done good works for his people which is one of the reasons he’s a saint and the city is named for him. But the mob even tried to shout down a priest and showed they failed to understand history. They didn’t care what he had to say or the facts, they’ve been told to hate it so they must rip it down.

Even though he knows the history and they don’t, they still think they know more.

Nothing more heroic than standing, literally, in the face of the angry mob, with the calmness of truth. Notice how they also threatened the St. Louis Cathedral when he told them to go there and learn the history, one says, “Eventually, we’re taking that too, though.”

The Archdiocese issued a formal statement, defending the statue and St. Louis.

From Fox 2:

The Archdiocese said in their statement that the public “should not seek to erase history, but recognize and learn from it.”

They defended the statue of the saint and recounted his road to sainthood. When ruling Louis IX “focused on impartial justice, protecting the rights of his subjects, steep penalties for royal officials abusing power, and a series of initiatives to help the poor.” The Archdiocese also noted that Louis IX performed numerous charitable acts such as feeding the poor and creating hospitals.

“For Catholics, St. Louis is an example of an imperfect man who strived to live a life modeled after the life of Jesus Christ.”


First, they came for the Confederate statues, now they’re coming for everything, even Catholic saints. Anything that could offend them must come down, even if it’s the actions of someone from the 13th century that they don’t understand.

It’s about pulling down all cultural or symbolic moorings, until there is nothing safe. It’s on the road to the Red Guard all over again and “the destruction of the four olds.”



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