Protesters Invade A Restaurant in D.C. to Demand Diners Listen To Them

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An image of a vandalized building in Washington, D.C., following riots sparked by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. (Townhall Media/Ellie Bufkin)

You may not recall what turned the general public against the Black Lives Matter group in their initial actions.

Part of it was, yes, chanting things like “fry pigs like bacon” and the radical Marxism.

But it was also when they started going into restaurants and accosting people while they were trying to eat. This was an “FTP March” (FTP = f**k the police).

They’re moved back to that tactic last night, suddenly pouring into the Pisco y Nazca, a Peruvian restaurant in Washington, D.C., to castigate the people there for sitting and eating. They shouted “black people are dying” and derisively chanted “sorry for your inconvenience.” They said they were going to tell the diners some “facts” about the murder of black people. They did that whole radical leftist “chant what the leader” says, just like a cult.

As you can see mostly white, young (doubtless, many well-heeled young students). One of the signs made their intentions plain – “Abolish the institution, we need a revolution.” What institution? Apparently, any institution. Every institution. It explains why they want to pull down statues of all kinds without limit.


One of the reasons this turned off people in the past was because it wasn’t directed at police or politicians but with trying to disrupt Americans just trying to eat. You will listen, they’re basically saying, we will make you listen because we say so. Not exactly the best way to make a point. You can see how at a certain point they just ended up chanting at each other and people went back to eating and ignored them. They do ask at one point for people to raise their hands if they agree that black lives matter and some do raise their hands, but when they continue on to “defund the police,” one woman quickly drops her hand.

If you notice the restaurant was a little empty, it was because they were following the coronavirus restrictions placed on local restaurants, which these folks just violated. Meanwhile the man leading the chant inside the restaurant and shouting as loud as he could, had pulled down his mask. So not exactly practicing that safe social hygiene, much less social distancing.

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