Tucker Carlson Nails Them Good: The People Pulling Down Statues Are Idiots

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson has been on fire lately with his assessment of the radical leftists who have been trying to wreak havoc in our country.

He warns that they’re trying to overthrow our system of government and seize power. They’re trying to put themselves in power. They are trying to force everything to the far left and he warns it’s “genuinely sinister.”


But there’s another truth as he noted – they’re utter idiots.

From Fox News:

The angry children you watched set fire to Wendy’s and toppled statues and scream at you on television day after day are truly and utterly stupid. There’s probably never been a dumber group gathered in one place in all of American history. They are mouth breathers. They know nothing. They couldn’t tell you who George Washington was. They don’t know when the Civil War was fought, probably not even to the century.

They say they oppose racism, and then they rip down monuments to abolitionists. They don’t see the contradiction in that because they have no idea who the abolitionists were. They think it’s a band from the 80s.

Boy, he calls that right.

They’ve literally defaced statues to abolitionists like Matthias Baldwin and this week, pulled down abolitionist Hans Chistian Heg’s statue in Wisconsin, dragging it in the street. They also pulled down a statue to women’s suffrage and beat up a Democratic state lawmaker in the same Wisconsin action. They’ve defaced monuments to WWII veterans and even to black civil war veterans. They pulled down a statue to President Ulysses Grant, the man who not only was instrumental in defeating slavery as the leader of the Union Army but also was instrumental in crushing the first iteration of the KKK. In that action in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, they also defaced a bust of Miguel de Cervantes, perhaps the greater Spanish writer, who was himself a slave for five years. All they appeared to see was a Spanish name, they likely thought he was a “colonizer.” That provoked protests from Spain who called on local leaders to protect such monuments to Spanish figures.


They create things like the CHOP because they envision an anarcho/radical utopia and then find out when there are shootings and murder there that maybe being without police isn’t such a great idea.

We need to stand in the breach against this kind of radical leftist mania that would rip down anything and bring chaos in the quest for power. But yes, even as it’s dangerous and incredibly problematic, it’s good that someone also points out how hilariously dumb these folks are too.


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