Is the Local BLM 'Canceling' the Seattle CHOP?

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

We’ve been doing a lot of reporting on the radical leftist/anarchist zone in Seattle known as CHOP, the Capitol Hill Organized/Occupied Protest.

They support the Black Lives Matter movement to defund and abolish police.

But here’s an interesting question: Does the formal group the BLM support the CHOP?

Now that seems like an odd question, but here’s why I think it’s a good and valid question. Because it sure sounds like they might be canceling them.

In a series of tweets on June 20, the BLM Seattle King County chapter made it clear that they had not been involved “in organizing any events or protests in or around the zone” although they had supported “Black-led events in the zone.” But now they were unhappy that there had now been three black people shot in the zone and did not feel it was safe (although they tried to suggest that the shootings were connected to white supremacy, there is no evidence that is that case).

No, there isn’t any evidence that any of the shootings are influenced by anything they said.

I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds like they’re explicitly rejecting CHOP as a “safe space” for black people.

Journalist Omari Salisbury has been following the actions in the CHOP. He asked the local BLM specifically and didn’t get a public answer after the BLM group endorsed a variety of groups and efforts in the area, giving them grants, but not including CHOP.

He didn’t get any public answer.

What’s also interesting in the donation list, is a donation of $25,000 to Mothers for Police Accountability. That $25,000 is “in support of Rev. Walden’s leadership in determining the immediate and long-term future of the East Precinct of Seattle Police Department, whose history is rooted in Black-led organizing.”

Not sure how that works with whatever plans the police might have for the precinct. Rev. Harriet Walden is a community activist who has worked with the police in the past to improve relations and hold police accountable for brutality.