No, Liberals Booking Tickets to Trump Rally Didn't Lower the Numbers, but MSNBC Picks Up Something Which May Have

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Protesters demonstrate outside the BOK Center where President Trump will hold a campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla., Saturday, June 20, 2020. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

This morning folks on the left were, as we reported earlier, crowing about President Donald Trump’s rally not completely filling the arena.

So let’s start out with the fact that while the arena wasn’t completely full, it was still a big crowd, about 3/4 full during a pandemic, with people waiting days to get inside and millions watching on Youtube. If you listened to liberal media, you’d think it was empty. Joe Biden has trouble even filling a room and has to have “private speeches” so no one can talk about the lack of enthusiasm for him.

But some were boasting they had a hand it the turnout being lower.

But actually their claims just reveal two things.


First, the fact that they think they have to cheat and try to interfere in the election to try to beat the President. That just reveals how empty they feel their own candidate, Joe Biden, is. They’re not even embarrassed about trying to cheat, in fact, they think they’re clever. They also coordinated using Tik Tok, a Chinese service, so literally trying to interfere with Chinese assistance. It’s especially ridiculous that you have a sitting Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), cheering on their actions.

But second, this is just wrong. Tickets are first-come, first-served. So if they don’t show up, other people get in. Liberals claiming this have no idea how the system works. In other words, they spent all this time plotting this great interference, just admitted to it and bragged about it, but actually did nothing more than just wasted their time.

What may have made a difference, in addition to the pandemic, is concerns about BLM making things violent and blocking the gates, as this MSNBC report showed right here. Ultimately they cleared the gates, but it’s not clear how many people may have been concerned about violence and left.


Notice how the reporter is trying to jack up the expectation for violence as they have for days in advance of the event. He even claims there are armed folks in Hawaiian shirts there, implying there are “boogaloo boys,” an extremist group. But when the camera pans, there is no such thing.

The real test might be in venues down the road when we are more clear of the pandemic and hopefully they are able to keep the BLM and other leftists from blocking the area.

But this really just shows how desperate they are and what a lack of enthusiasm for Biden there is.

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