Big Twist: Investigators Looking Into Whether Suspect in Wendy's Arson Might Be Linked to Rayshard Brooks

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Police Issue Warrant for Atlanta Wendy’s Arson Suspect

There may be a big twist in the case of the death of Rayshard Brooks and the subsequent torching of a Wendy’s that no one may have expected.


Atlanta Fire investigators are looking for a woman named Natalie White in connection with the Wendy’s arson that took place during a protest of Brooks’ death.

From the Daily Wire:

“Investigators are working with the idea that a suspect in the arson fire that burned down an Atlanta Wendy’s restaurant may be linked to Rayshard Brooks,” CNN reported. “In bodycam video that police released last week, Brooks can be heard telling officers that White is his girlfriend.”

“An arrest warrant has been issued by Atlanta Fire Investigators for Ms. Natalie White,” the Atlanta Fire Rescue tweeted. “She has been identified as a suspect in the arson fire that burned down the Wendy’s Restaurant (125 University Ave) on Saturday, June 13th. Call 404-577-TIPS or 1-800-282-5804 with any info.”

On the bodycam video where Brooks is talking to the police, he repeatedly said that his girlfriend was named Natalie White, the woman who had dropped him off, according to Fox 5 Investigative Reporter Randy Travis.


Travis said the authorities are not confirming if the suspect and the girlfriend are the same person.

Brooks was married with children.

Police are saying there also may be other suspects involved. There appeared to have been multiple people involved in attacking the building from the videos.

Brooks was shot by Officer Garrett Rolfe after he resisted arrest, struggled with both officers and allegedly caused one of them a concussion, grabbed a taser, ran, then turned and aimed it at Rolfe. Brooks had a long prior record of offenses allegedly including cruelty to children, battery, and false imprisonment. Protester/rioters then attacked and burnt down the Wendy’s the next day.


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