Former Bolton Chief Of Staff Reveals What He Thinks 'Disproves the Whole Book'

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Former National security adviser John Bolton gestures while speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, Monday, Sept. 30, 2019. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Folks on the left are pushing the book of former National Security Advisor John Bolton because it is filled with criticisms of President Donald Trump.

But the criticisms and claims are so ridiculous, it’s hard to believe that anyone would believe them. For example, Bolton claims that Trump had a discussion with Chinese president Xi Jinping about the concentration camps for Uighurs and that Trump told him he should keep building them. There was even the ridiculous claim that Trump asked China for election help.

Not only is that completely inconsistent with Trump’s position on China, which has been critical of them on mutiple levels including over the coronavirus, but he’s also been very supportive of the rights of both the Uighurs and the Hong Kong protesters, warning China against further action against protesters. More than that, Xi doesn’t admit to the concentrations camps so he surely wouldn’t be admitting them to Trump when it could then be used against him.

Even more ridiculous was the claim Trump would ask Xi for election help after the whole Russia collusion hoax.

It’s literally a string of sensationalist claims that beggar common sense and are against Trump’s actions and positions.

Here’s another one: Bolton claiming that Vladimir Putin convinced Trump to support Nicholas Maduro.

But in fact, Trump risked a lot to support and is still supporting Juan Guaido, Maduro’s opponent, who the U.S. recognizes as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.


As many have observed, Bolton refused to testify voluntarily during the impeachment trial, allowing people to bandy about what he “claimed” yet not holding any of his claims to being under oath.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer directly disputed the China claims. “Absolutely untrue, never happened. I was there, I have no recollection of that ever happening. I don’t believe it’s true, I don’t believe it ever happened,” Lighthizer said Wednesday at a Senate Finance Committee hearing.

There’s literally no support for Bolton’s claims.

So why would he say such things?

Former National Security Council Chief of Staff Fred Fleitz, laid out what he believes the “turning point” was as to why his former boss Bolton might have flipped, that Fleitz believe “disproves his whole book.”

From Daily Caller:

Fleitz said during “The Story with Martha MacCallum” that he had called for Bolton to “withdraw the book” in January because he doesn’t believe someone in that position “should be revealing internal candid discussions with the president.”

“The president has to be able to know that whatever he says in those discussions won’t be made public,” he said. “If he thinks they are going to be made public, a president won’t consult with experts and I think that is a dangerous prospect for national security.”


Bolton is literally breaking all normal tradition of not writing about a president he served while the president is still in office.

But the turning point according to Fleitz was when Trump decided not to bomb Iran as Bolton wanted.

Recalling when Trump decided not to attack Iran after a U.S. drone was shot down because “we would have killed 100-200 people,” Fleitz called it a “principled decision.”

“This was not to win votes,” he said. “This wasn’t to promote the president domestically. It reflected the presidents’s principle not to get America into additional wars. And it was an act of leadership, because he bucked all of his national security advisors, Pompeo, the Secretary of Defense, so when we hear that the president does not have principles, he’s not qualified to lead, this incident that Bolton puts forward as the turning point for his relationship with President Trump in my mind it disproves the whole book.”

He said Bolton couldn’t figure out to work with the president and that the job of an adviser is to implement the president’s policies, not his own policies.

It’s all about sensationalism for his book. It’s long since time that people stop being played.


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