Watch the Portland Mayor Finally Get Upset About Radicals After They Set Up Autonomous Zone Outside His Home

AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer, File

Portland has long laid down for anarchists, at least in part because of the progressive mayor, Ted Wheeler.

But despite his pandering to them, they still hate him.

In a incredibly ridiculous move, the Portland City Council tried to assuage the vocal leftists by taking a huge whack at the police department’s budget, cutting nearly $16 million from it.

Someone’s going to have to explain to me how removing millions from a police department does anything to make it a better department, assuming there are any issues to begin with?

It’s a fundamentally ridiculous argument that makes no sense.

But who needs sanity when you’re caving to the crazies.

So did that make them happy? No, it never does, they always want more. So they assembled last night outside of Wheeler’s apartment and declared it an “autonomous zone.” They demanded that $50 million be cut.

They blocked off the street and started setting up a zone like their compatriots in Seattle had done.

But their presumption was their undoing.

While the progressive mayor apparently doesn’t give a darn about the police or much of of the city, apparently annoying him at night and messing with his neighborhood is a no-no.

Warning for language:

This morning, as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported, the “zone” got whacked and the police actually did something.

After the police cleared away the garbage out of the area, as well as the boards and things they’d dragged in, Mayor Wheeler was spotted outside, picking up some of the trash that was left and media interviewed him.

Suddenly he realized that these folks weren’t doing good things and damaging the neighborhood, his neighborhood. He’s been letting them run wild all over the city for the last three years. But suddenly maybe a little bit of the terror that anarchists have spread in Portland finally, literally, came home to him. Karma came back to bite him in the butt.