Ahmaud Arbery's Mother Reveals What Her Meeting with Trump Was Like

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President Donald Trump holds up an executive order on police reform after signing it in the Rose Garden of the White House, Tuesday, June 16, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on law enforcement reform in the wake of concerns over the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police officer.

From Fox News:

Trump’s order touches on use of force best practices, information sharing to track officers who have repeated complaints against them and federal incentives for police departments to deploy non-police experts on issues like mental health, homelessness and addiction.

Trump said law enforcement officers would only be allowed to use chokeholds if their lives are in danger.

“As part of this new credentialing process, chokeholds will be banned except if an officer’s life is at risk,” the president said.

Trump expressed strong support for police before signing the order and he also met with the families like the mother of Ahmaud Arbery prior to the signing to ensure them that their concerns would be heard.

Wanda Cooper-Jones, Ahmaud Arbery’s mother, told Bret Baier that President Trump was “very compassionate” when he met with the families privately on Tuesday prior to signing the order.

From Fox:

“I was very, very emotional throughout the whole conference,” she said. “[Trump] was very compassionate. He showed major concern for all families. Not just one family, but for all families.”

Cooper-Jones added: “I can say that President Trump was very receiving. He listened and he addressed each and every family accordingly.”


She said that he told families that they should “expect change.”

Ivanka Trump and president Trump both responded to the story with kind words.

Ahmaud Arbery was shot to death when he was chased down by two men while jogging in Georgia.

While Cooper-Jones said she wished the order had gone further, she called it a “promising start.”

Promising actions versus radical ‘defund police’ actions supported by Democrats that would just make things worse and don’t actually address best practices or making things better.

Cooper-Jones also found out something that media often misses in its 24/7 negative coverage of the president. Something that folks like the Angel Moms found out before her. That he is compassionate and that he does care about their concerns, that he is committed to making things better as the Angel Moms found out.


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