Watch: Black Woman in Seattle Anarchist Zone Explains Why People Shouldn't Vote for Biden and the Dems, It's Pure Gold

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black woman lectures CHAZ folk on racist Democratic Party

The Seattle anarchist zone is definitely a hotbed of radical leftist ideas, anarchy, and a lot of police-hating graffiti.


But maybe, occasionally, dare one hope, a little honesty and some honest-to-goodness truth gets said there.

Want to see someone educate some of the folks in the Seattle anarchist zone?

Here’s Bevelyn Beatty who in addition to sharing her Christianity in the zone, had a few things to say to a woman resident about the election, President Donald Trump, and Joe Biden.

Watch her light it up.

Beatty basically told her if she wanted to see more black people locked up or killed, vote for Joe Biden. Then she gives her a history lesson on the Republican Party being the party that has stood with black people, that was formed with black people, not the Democrats.

From Daily Wire:

This is the thing: I know people don’t like Trump. I understand that. But let me tell you something: if I had to pick between him and Joe Biden, I am not voting in Joe Biden. You want to see a bunch of black people go to jail by the next four years? Put Joe Biden in, watch what happens. You want to see black men get killed substantially like you’ve never seen before? Put Joe Biden in and watch what happens.”

She continued:

These Democrats, and I’m sorry to say this, and I’m not trying to be racist, but they hate black people. These are the same people who fought to keep slavery in; these are the same people who built the KKK; these are the same people who hated us from the beginning. The Republican Party is the party of the blacks. Black history: the Republican Party is the only party that the black people actually assisted in founding. But all of that history has been torn away.


She then called out the common Democratic myth that somehow the parties “switched,” saying that there was never any switch. She also noted that a good proportion of black people are more conservative, most are not radically far left. Many people, for example, she said were against abortion and they were about working.

“But yet these people are hijacking our movement; the Democratic Party, they’re trying to hijack our stuff. No.”

Tell them, Bevelyn! That may be more truth then they’ve heard in awhile especially there.

HT: Townhall


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